Can You Still Drive for Uber or Lyft If You Have a California DUI?

October 30, 2018

If you have had a DUI in the past 10 years, your application will likely be rejected.

Can You Still Drive for Uber or Lyft If You Have a California DUI?

It seems that everyone is looking for a side hustle these days. Whether you are freelancing as a photographer, selling your extra stuff on eBay, or writing in your spare time, there are seemingly endless ways to make extra money using your talents.

One of the most popular ways to bring in some extra cash is by driving for a ride share company like Uber or Lyft — especially in a city like Los Angeles, where we are all so dependent on cars. If you have your own vehicle and a license, you could easily start earning good money in your free time. But what if you have a California DUI? Will that stop you from driving from Uber or Lyft?

According to a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney, it might — depending on when you were convicted of a DUI. In California, Uber’s policy is that they do not allow drivers if they have a DUI within the past 10 years. For Lyft, drivers will not qualify if they have a DUI on their record for a “minimum of 7 years.” Because California driver’s license records go back for a period of 10 years, Lyft will likely also use a 10 year “look back” period. Neither Uber or Lyft offer any exceptions to this rule.

Both Uber and Lyft also have policies against hiring people with felony convictions. This means that if you have a felony DUI on your record, even if it was more than 10 years ago, you will likely be barred from driving from these companies. However, Uber has started to relax this policy for non-violent felony offenses, so it is possible to qualify as a driver if you have a felony DUI conviction — but it will likely have to be more than 10 years old.

For purposes of driving for a ride sharing company, any DUI or related conviction — such as for “wet reckless” — will likely count against you. However, if you were acquitted of the charges, or if the charges were dismissed, then you will not likely have an issue. If you were convicted, having your DUI conviction expunged may help. A skilled Los Angeles DUI defense attorney can help you determine if you qualify for expungement. However, even if the criminal DUI conviction is expunged, the fact of the DUI remains on your driving record — which could prevent you from working for Uber or Lyft.

The best thing that you can do if you have been arrested for a California DUI is to consult with a seasoned Los Angeles DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Avoiding a conviction can help ensure that you do not face a range of consequences — including the inability to drive for companies like Uber or Lyft.

At the Chambers Law Firm, our team of Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys are highly skilled at helping clients who have been charged with DUIs. We will aggressively defend you to protect your rights and your freedom. Contact us today at 855-397-0210 or to schedule a free initial consultation.

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