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DUI case
Dan's knowledge is amazing. When looking at my case he found that my rights were violated. That being said his legal expertise was able to have my case dropped not only with the DMV also with the Newport Courts. I owe Dan a Big Thank You.

- Jerry July 12, 2017

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Dan was a great choice when it came to my DUI trial. He understood my specific needs as a client, which involved protecting my professional license, and gave me multiple options in the best way of doing so. He made me feel included in the case by explaining what was going to happen with each step. During the trial, he performed a focused and directed cross-examination with the arresting officer which pulled out the major flaws in the whole case. In the end we were able to resolve the case before the trial was completed.

- Client December 14, 2016

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Oh my gosh. Attorney Dan Chambers, is the best ever. I am at a lost for words. I am thanking God, and I will always. Dan believed more so than myself. I hired him to represent me in a matter of receiving a Certificate of rehabilitation, and not only did he get it done, I received a Governor Pardon, also. I was in doubt , because of all of the dishonest, attorneys out there, promising and will never deliver! Well, I'm a testimony of who Attorney Dan Chambers, is.
When in doubt, and you are in need of a honest, Attorney to get the job done! Then Dan Chambers, is the Man.

– Alvina Horton November 10, 2016

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Truly the best attorney I could have asked for. Smart, authentic, ethical, result and detail-oriented, respectful, compassionate, vibrant, charismatic, and most importantly competent. These are a couple of qualities Dan Chambers embodies with effortless mastery and grace. This brilliant attorney enforced my faith in that good people and justice do exist and prevail. Dan Chambers defended my case with strength, conviction and passion resulting in a not guilty verdict. The trial period for my DUI case became one of the richest life lessons I ever got to experience. I gained great value from the knowledge Dan Chambers generously shared with the jury and myself and I am forever grateful for the invaluable wisdom and absolute victory. Not only was I found not guilty but I made an amazing new friend. Meeting with this man is an absolute blessing. Keep the faith and the best of luck to you!

-Client April 2, 2016

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The moment I read Mr. Chambers response to my legal request I posted, I knew he was the one. I contacted Mr. Chambers to explain in detail what my issue was & from that point he immediately took action & there was never initial conversation of him needing monetary compensation, which was even more refreshing because nowadays everyone is always chasing the “Mighty Dollar”. He always reassured me that he was going to “take care of me & for me not to worry”.

Long story short, I contacted Mr.Chambers & within 2 1/2 days he was able to resolve my legal issues for me. And to top it off he did all of this for me while we were 11,000 miles away from each other because I live in Japan.

Mr. Chambers is to be commended on his knowledge, attentiveness, compassion, persistence & professionalism amongst many other professional attributes.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Chambers! Thank you so much!

– Tracey, Client January 30, 2016

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