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Dan, thanks again for being so wonderful and for guiding me through this whole DUI experience. It certainly hasn’t been an easy “adventure”, but you’ve taken so much of the weight from my shoulders and have explained every step in the best way possible.

I’m certainly grateful for everything you’ve done for me over the past year. Today begins the next chapter and I’m eager to get everything else taken care of and to begin the long process of putting this mistake behind me. I’ve certainly learned a lot and look forward to my classes. They’re a breath of fresh air and a great motivator to make better choices and to reach out and help others around me with the resources I’m gaining.

I wish you and Z the best in all your future endeavors! Thanks for being so professional, kind and gracious.

With gratitude

Anonymous September 11, 2018

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I hired Dan for a DUI case. Was tried two separate times, first resulting with a hung jury and second resulting in a not guilty verdict. Dan is very professional, personable, and knows his stuff. He works magic in the court room and his experience shows. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone. You will not regret the decision. Plus you'll get some laughs along the way (he's a good, funny dude).

AJ October 9, 2017

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He walked me through every outcome that could happen. Then Mr. Chambers explained what he was going to do for me and what would happen. My case ended up being closed. He put my mind at ease in a very stressful time in my life.

Haydon October 6, 2017

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He took the time to offer me some free advice
Turns out I called the phone number I saw online to obtain a possible phone consultation and Attorney Chambers himself picked up the phone and took a few minutes of his valuable time to give me some free advice regarding a proposition question I had. My family and I truly appreciate that.

Jessica September 18, 2017

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DUI case
Dan's knowledge is amazing. When looking at my case he found that my rights were violated. That being said his legal expertise was able to have my case dropped not only with the DMV also with the Newport Courts. I owe Dan a Big Thank You.

- Jerry July 12, 2017

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