Man Wins Lawsuit After New York City Police Frame Him for DUI

March 8, 2018

The man was accused of drinking and driving after being hit by an off-duty police officer.

Man Wins Lawsuit After New York City Police Frame Him for DUIFalse positive DUI cases happen, but it is somewhat unusual to hear of a case quite like this.  In 2015, a man named Oliver Wiggins was driving in Brooklyn, New York when a New York City police officer ran a stop sign and hit his car.  Although Mr. Wiggins does not drink, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers arrested him for driving under the influence.  The arrest was made despite the fact that he tested negative for alcohol and drugs in his system.

Within three months, the Brooklyn prosecutor dropped the charges against Mr. Wiggins.  But as anyone who has received a California DUI arrest can tell you, simply being arrested for a DUI can cause a whole host of problems.  Mr. Wiggins’ drivers license was suspended.  His insurance company refused to cover the cost of the repairs to his car as a result of the accident because of the arrest.  He also allegedly injured his arm in the accident.

Mr. Wiggins ultimately filed a civil lawsuit against the NYPD, which recently settled for nearly $1,000,000.  The officers involved in the case — who arrested Mr. Wiggins for a DUI despite him being the victim of a car accident and not having any drugs or alcohol in his system — have not been charged with wrongdoing.  They are still employed by the NYPD.

This is not a typical case.  According to a skilled Los Angeles DUI defense attorney, it is rare for a police officer to arrest a person for DUI as a way of covering up for reckless driving or a crime committed by a fellow police officer.  However, it highlights an important reality in DUI cases: even if the charges are ultimately dropped, just being arrested for a DUI can have a serious impact on your life.

In California, when you are arrested for a DUI, your license is automatically suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Unless you request a hearing within 10 days, the DMV will administratively suspend your license.  You will then have to navigate your life without a license until such time as you can have the charge dropped and your license restored.  It may also take time and effort to clear your record, as well.  This may include hiring a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney to represent you and work with the prosecutor to have the charges dropped.

At the Chambers Law Firm, we understand that false California DUI charges can and do happen.  We fight hard for each and every one of our clients, working tirelessly to ensure that all of our clients get a fair shake.  Our skilled Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys will aggressively defend you against DUI charges, and will hold prosecutors to their burden of proof.  Contact us today at 855-397-0210 or to schedule a free initial consultation.

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