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Get the best possible defense against the increasing penalties of multiple DUI offenses

Are you facing a second, third, or fourth DUI offense? Considering that the penalties for a DUI offense increase with each successive conviction in 10 years, it is more important than ever to secure expert representation for your case.

Rely on Chambers Law Firm for an Aggressive DUI Defense

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At Chambers Law Firm, we understand exactly what is at stake in your multiple DUI case. We will work hard to identify and exploit every possible angle for your defense and secure the best possible outcome to your case, whether that might be:

  • Undermining enough of the prosecution’s evidence that the charges are dropped
  • Negotiating for a favorable plea deal that will keep you on the lower end of the mandatory penalties for multiple DUI offenses
  • Representing you at trial to fight for an acquittal of the charge
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We Never Give Up on Our Clients

If you’ve been labeled a repeat DUI offender or a Habitual Traffic Offender, some people—even your friends and family—may give up on you. Not us. As your DUI defense attorney, we will stand by you no matter how difficult the situation. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and provided with the best quality defense to best support their ability to move on with their life after a DUI mistake.

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