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Don’t face a felony DUI charge alone. Get Chambers Law Firm to stand by your side as your defense attorney.

Facing a felony charge of any kind can be scary. After all, no one likes the idea of being labeled a felon for life.

When it comes to a felony DUI, perhaps the scariest possibility is that you could be sentenced to time behind bars in state prison, rather than the county jail.

Fortunately for you…

…you’ve just found an expert DUI defense attorney who is going to give you the best possible chance of avoiding harsh felony DUI penalties.

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There are three main situations which the DA would likely charge you with a felony DUI:

  • You caused an accident resulting an injury or death
  • It is your third DUI or “wet reckless” in 10 years
  • You have any prior felony DUIs on your record

As an experienced DUI defense attorney, Chambers Law Firm is familiar with the specific statutes and body of case law related to each of these types of felony DUI charges. You can rely on us to act quickly to select the best defense strategy for your case and begin to gather the evidence necessary to support it.

Now you may wonder…

…What if I want to plead guilty? Do I still need a DUI attorney?

DUI Internal Practice Area Yes, you absolutely should consult a DUI attorney before pleading guilty to any charge, especially a felony DUI. Your attorney can help in a number of ways:

  • Making sure the prosecution’s evidence really is strong enough to justify a guilty plea
  • Exploring the possibility of getting your charge reduced to a misdemeanor
  • Negotiating for a more lenient penalty

Plus, your DUI defense attorney can help relieve the stress you’re feeling, simply by providing support, guidance, and understanding as you go through the felony DUI process.

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In addition to our legal skill, Chambers Law Firm is known as a DUI defense firm that really cares about our clients’ futures. You can rely on us to fight aggressively for your rights and interests and keep you intimately involved and updated with every step of progress in your case.

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