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All too often, people assume that once they’ve been arrested for DUI and had their drivers license confiscated, it’s game over. They just sit back and accept a conviction and all the harmful consequences it will bring.

Introduction to DUI

The reality is:

You should never give up without a fight.

Instead, you need to consult an experienced DUI defense attorney from Chambers Law Firm. We will carefully review the facts of your case and advise you of the potential for contesting the charge, or at the very least negotiating for a reduced penalty.

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We Know All the Top DUI Defense Strategies

As an expert in California DUI defense, we understand exactly how to tackle even the most complex DUI charges with proven legal strategies. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to weaken the prosecution’s evidence significantly by arguing that:

  • Law enforcement did not have reasonable suspicion to detain you
  • Law enforcement did not have probable cause to arrest
  • You were not properly Mirandized at your arrest
  • Alleged visible signs of intoxication were not due to alcohol or drug use
  • Field sobriety tests, blood tests, or breath tests were flawed and gave a false result
  • There are legal grounds to have the blood or breath results thrown out

Now you may wonder…

What if none of these strategies apply?

DUI Internal Practice Area Even if the case against you is strong, Chambers Law Firm can still help you to find relief from harsh DUI penalties via plea bargaining. After many years of experience, we know how DAs think and what types of plea bargains they may be open to given the specifics of your case.

Don’t Forget Your DMV Hearing

In addition to helping you with criminal DUI charges, Chambers Law Firm can also assist with the DMV license suspension that automatically takes place after any DUI arrest. Contact us within 10 days of your arrest to get our expert assistance requesting and preparing for a DMV hearing that could help you get your license back.

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