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For many people, having their drivers license confiscated by the arresting officer is one of the most surprising and frustrating parts of a DUI.

The good news is…

…You do have a chance to get your license back.

All you have to do is contact the DMV within 10 days and request your DMV hearing. For best results, you will also want to contact an experienced DUI attorney at Chambers Law Firm at the same time. We have assisted countless clients with DMV hearings, and we know exactly how to exploit this opportunity to your benefit.

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What Happens During a DMV Hearing?

A DMV hearing provides the opportunity to convince the DMV that the normal administrative license suspension that goes into effect 30 days after a DUI arrest is not actually merited. During the hearing, the arresting officer will be required to appear and present evidence proving that:

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  • They reasonably believed you were under the influence
  • You were arrested lawfully
  • You had a BAC over the legal limit while driving

Your attorney will get to cross-examine the arresting officer and present additional evidence on your behalf. If the DMV representative overseeing the hearing is not satisfied that your arrest was lawful and merited, your automatic license suspension will not go through and your license will be returned to you.

Arrested At DUI CheckpointBut beware:

The process is not over.

Regardless of the outcome of the DMV hearing, you will still have a separate criminal proceeding to deal with. If you are convicted of DUI, you will lose your license again as part of your DUI penalties.

Now you may wonder…

…What if I’m guilty? Should I still request a DMV Hearing?

Even if you believe that the evidence against you is very strong and there is no chance of getting your license back, you should still request the DMV hearing.

The DMV hearing provides a very important opportunity for your DUI defense attorney to get a sort of preview of the case against you. Weaknesses in the arresting officer’s testimony or in the evidence against you may be discovered during the hearing and then exploited to your benefit during the criminal proceeding.

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Remember, although a DMV hearing is not a criminal matter you do have the right to have an attorney present. Exercise this right by calling 855-397-0210 and asking for our help with your hearing and your criminal case.

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