Arrested At DUI Checkpoint

We will ensure you are not punished for a DUI checkpoint arrest that was conducted in violation of your rights

DUI checkpoints are an important tool for promoting public safety. However, if mishandled they can also become a real public nuisance and even end up violating drivers’ constitutional rights.

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Don’t Fall Victim to an Illegal DUI Checkpoint

If you have been arrested at a DUI checkpoint, your DUI defense attorney will need to pay special attention to the circumstances of your arrest to make sure everything was done legally. If any of the following criteria for a constitutional DUI checkpoint were not met, your arrest was illegal and your DUI charges should be dismissed:

  • The checkpoint must be publicly advertised in advanceDUI Internal Practice Area
  • The checkpoint must be reasonably located
  • It must be clear that the checkpoint is an official law enforcement roadblock
  • Adequate safety precautions must be taken
  • The timing and duration of the checkpoint should be reasonable
  • The criteria for stopping drivers passing through the checkpoint must be neutral
  • Drivers should be detained for a minimal amount of time
  • The entire operation should be overseen by a supervising officer

As you can imagine, the proper interpretation of some of these criteria have been hotly debated in the courts. Fortunately, Chambers Law Firm makes a point of keeping up to date on relevant DUI case law, and we understand all the nuanced legal arguments that may apply to your DUI checkpoint arrest.

Now you may wonder…

…What if the checkpoint was totally legal? Is there anything else my DUI attorney can do?

Arrested At DUI CheckpointContesting the legality of the DUI checkpoint is just one strategy your DUI defense attorney could employ. The possibility that your blood or breath test may have given an incorrect result should definitely also be investigated.

Even if the evidence against you is strong and cannot be contested, your DUI defense attorney can still help by arguing for you to receive a fair and favorable plea deal. At Chambers Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to resolve your case in a way that protects you from jail time and minimizes the impact of the DUI on your future.

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