Blood Test Procedures in California

January 5, 2021
How To Challenge a DUI Blood Test If you were pulled over on suspicion of DUI in California, law enforcement might draw a DUI blood test to prove you had an illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). After an arrest for an alleged DUI, you will likely be offered either a blood or breath test at…
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Underage DUI Offenses in California

January 1, 2021
Can I Be Convicted of Both a DUI and an Underage DUI? California has enacted a zero-tolerance law for underage DUI. Generally, a person cannot be convicted of more than one DUI offense stemming from the same traffic stop. However, underage DUI is an exception to the usual practice because the zero-tolerance law is a…
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Refusing a Breathalyzer in California

December 28, 2020
Can I Refuse To Take a Breath Test? If you have been stopped by a law enforcement officer in California, you can refuse to take a breath test. The roadside preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) test, which is commonly known as a breathalyzer, is optional in most circumstances. After you’ve been pulled over, a law enforcement…
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Sobriety Checkpoints in California

December 22, 2020
Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in California? On your way home from a night with a few friends, you encounter a DUI checkpoint in the road. After a brief interaction, the police officer or highway patrol trooper asks you to step out of the car. Though you only had a couple beers, you are suddenly under…
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